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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs
PIDF Grantee

Grants Program


Wednesday, 10/25/2023 Update
All awardees for the following grants have been notified:

  • Community Grants- ʻĀina, Economic Stability, & Moʻomeheu
  • Kākoʻo Grant Program

If you would like to receive e-mail updates on future OHA Grant Solicitations (nonprofit organizations only) please e-mail grantsinfo@oha.org with your organization name and e-mail address.

The OHA Grants Team is also actively working to better monitor existing grant contracts; serve the awarded grantees toward contract completion; introduce new grant types; and recruit, hire and train additional needed resources.

Have questions about OHA Grants?
Please see section below regarding OHA Grants Program FAQs.
Didn’t find the information you need in the FAQs? Feel free to e-mail us at grantsinfo@oha.org!


The purpose of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Grants Program is to support Hawaiʻi based nonprofit organizations that have projects, programs, and initiatives to serve our Lāhui in alignment with OHA’s Strategic Foundations, Directions & Outcomes. Read more about OHA’s Strategic Plan.

Reminder, to be eligible for funding consideration, an applicant shall:

  • Be registered to do business in the State of Hawaiʻi
  • Provide services to Native Hawaiians and/or Native Hawaiian community(ies) in the State of Hawaiʻi
  • Have an IRS letter of Determination
  • Be compliant with Hawaiʻi Compliance Express

OHA Grants program does not give funds directly to individuals, all funds are distributed through an awarded nonprofit organization.


There are no open solicitations at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read the Grants Program’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
(Last updated 5/1/2023)

Didn’t find the answers to your questions about OHA Grants in the FAQ?
Please feel free to e-mail us at grantsinfo@oha.org!

Solicitation Orientation Resources & Work Sessions

Grants Portal

The OHA Grants Portal is an online application, monitoring, and reporting system for nonprofit organizations who are an applicant or grantee.

Video Tutorials to Navigate the OHA Grants Portal (Foundant):


Applicant & Grantee


Grant Evaluator 

Are you interested in being an OHA Grant Evaluator?
Below are the Requirements and Anticipated Activities:

  • Be Native Hawaiian
  • Provide fair and objective mana‘o
  • Have knowledge/experience with the grant area assigned
  • Have analytical skills and ability to use the database scoring system
  • Have access to a computer with reliable internet
  • Commit the required amount of time to attend one-hour training orientation, two-hour team meeting and complete approximately 10-20 application reviews
  • Conflict check – will be conducted to ensure you have no affiliations with applicants.
  • Confidentiality – requires your signature to ensure a confidential process.
  • Online evaluation – all applications will be evaluated via the OHA Grants Portal.
  • Review time commitment – estimated 10-30 hours depending on number of applications you are assigned to review.
  • Review of applications – 2-20 applications to review depending on which solicitation you are assigned to.
  • Attend mandatory meetings – up to 2 virtual/in-person meetings will be scheduled.
  • Honorarium – once the reviewer process is complete, you have the opportunity to accept an honorarium from OHA.

If you are willing to commit to this process, please e-mail grantreview@oha.org with the following information:

  • First name, Last name;
  • Email;
  • Phone Number; and
  • A short statement on why you are interested in being an OHA Grant Evaluator.

Upon receipt of the information above, a Grant Evaluator Information Form will be emailed for completion.

Already an OHA Grantee?

Grants E-mail List

If you would like to receive e-mail updates on OHA Grant Solicitations (nonprofit organizations only) please e-mail grantsinfo@oha.org with your organization name and e-mail address.

Annual Report

Link to Annual Reports

Each year OHA shares its list of Grantees in its Annual report.  To view funded projects, click link above.

Providing Resources

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