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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Photo: Mo Ono Hawaiʻi Food Truck

Economic Stability

Engaging in strategies to enhance the economic development and financial empowerment of the lāhui will ensure that Native Hawaiians progress toward a state of economic stability.

Strategic Outcome: Strengthened Economic Capability and Resilience for ‘Ohana, Native Hawaiian Communities, and Hawaiian-Owned Businesses to Build and Sustain Generational Wealth and Economic Systems that are Regenerative, Sustainable, and Reflective of ‘Ike Kūpuna.

Strategy 7: Advance policies, programs and practices that strengthen ʻohana abilities to pursue multiple pathways toward economic stability

  • 7.1. Increased number / percent of Native Hawaiian ʻohana who are able to provide high quality keiki and kupuna care;
  • 7.2. Increase access to capital and credit for community strengthening Native Hawaiian businesses and individuals;
  • 7.3. Increase number of Native Hawaiian ʻohana who are resource stable
    (financial, subsistence, other); and
  • 7.4. Increased Native Hawaiian employment rate.

Strategy 8: Cultivate economic development in and for Hawaiian communities.

  • 8.1. Increased number of successful, community strengthening Native Hawaiian-owned businesses;
  • 8.2. Establishment of new markets for Native Hawaiian products (eg. kalo, lokoʻia grown fish, etc.) that can provide Native Hawaiian producers a livable wage; and
  • 8.3. Established and operationalized indigenous economic system consistent with Native Hawaiian knowledge, culture, values, and practices

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