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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Our Foundations

OHA’s Strategic Plan “Mana i Mauli Ola” (Strength to Wellbeing) includes three foundations: ʻOhana (family), Moʻomeheu (culture), and ʻĀina (land and water). OHA recognizes that these three things have the power to affect the wellbeing of Native Hawaiians.

ʻOhana, moʻomeheu and ʻāina are distinct and yet intertwined. Together, they are core to who we are as Kānaka Maoli. Viewed through the lens of our moʻomeheu, we are born of this land that feeds us and so the ʻāina is ʻohana to us. Our relationships with each other, with the land and the sea, with the creatures who share the earth with us, with our ancestors and with Ke Akua – and our outward expression of this through our language, stories, art, music, traditions and protocols – these are things that define us as a people.

Thus, these three foundations are woven into OHA’s plans to affect change in the four strategic directions that OHA has identified – education, health, housing and economics.  With ʻohana, moʻomeheu and ʻāina as our firm foundation and integrated into all we do, our strategic directions will be used to guide OHA’s work over the next 15 years to better the conditions of Native Hawaiians, and to achieve our envisioned outcomes for a thriving and abundant lāhui.


MMNHWG Red Dress image

OHA Board Chair Statement on Missing and Murdered Native Hawaiian Women and Girls Day

Scotland Repatriation thumb

Scottish museum returns iwi kupuna to Hawaiʻi


OHA Board Chair statement on Public Land Trust Bill clearing the House and Senate floor votes

Photo: Hawaii Capitol Building

OHA Board Chair statement on Public Land Trust bill approved by state legislature

Photo: Hawaii Capitol Building

Statement from OHA Board Chair on $600 million legislative appropriation to DHHL

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