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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Lāhui Impact Report

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Strategic Plan: Lāhui Impact Summary Report 2010-2018

Ten years ago the leaders of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs determined that having an inspiring, cohesive vision, a solid plan for the future, and greater organizational stability would together be critical to successfully navigating the agency through the 21st century.  To this end, leadership established a Strategic Plan Steering Committee and gathered information from a broad cross-section of the Native Hawaiian community, both in Hawaiʻi and on the continent, regarding emerging issues and trends facing the lāhui. These conversations resulted in the development an eight-year Strategic Plan (2010-2018) which outlined OHA’s strategic priorities, priority statements, baseline targets and indicator targets used to measure success.

The six core issue areas (strategic priorities) they identified were: education, health, land/water, economic self-sufficiency, governance and culture. Of these, culture was viewed as the “tip” of the ʻihe (spear), as this empowered OHA to better conditions for Native Hawaiians by fist valuing our ancestral history, beliefs and practices. Strategies identified to effect systemic change include legislative and policy advocacy, community engagement, providing resources (grants, sponsorships, loans), facilitating collaboration with other agencies, effectively managing OHA’s land assets, and research.

In 2019, OHA issued a Lāhui Impact Report of the 2010-2018 Strategic Plan. See below.

This high level summary of the Lāhui Impact Report highlights and affirms the social, cultural, environmental and economic impact of investing in Native Hawaiian-serving programs and community-based projects in Hawai‘i. Although key results are presented here, this is by no means an exhaustive list of outcomes. It represents just a fraction of the hard work performed by dedicated staff, the meaningful relationships cultivated with community partners, and the impacts felt by beneficiaries across the paeʻāina. One of our most important findings was recognizing the tremendous value and impact of direct investment into local programs.

The following tables provide a snapshot of each Strategic Priority and the resources invested in each area.

OHA Community Award Impact Summary
Community Award Impact Number of Awards** Dollars Awarded** Native Hawaiians Served* Persons Served*
OHA Strategic Plan Mid-Point Assessment (2010-2013) 588 $33,866,421 69,361 143,812
OHA Strategic Plan Final Assessment (2010-2018) 1,445 $122,208,226 134,761 502,326

* Of the reported numbers by award (1,445), 477 (33%) awards reported total persons served and 340 (24%) reported Native Hawaiians served. OHA believes this number is significantly higher.
** These include: Ahahui sponsorships, community events, community grants, and Board Initiatives. These do not include loans, contracts, and other expenditures.

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