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ʻŌiwi Stories from Puna is a four-part video series created by OHA sharing the experiences & perspectives of Hawaiians affected by the recent lava flow in Puna. Through the emotional first hand accounts of Hawaiians, we learn about the hardships, cultural perspectives & the amazing resiliency of this tight-knit community. Through increased understanding, we hope to build increased compassion and support for the people of Puna. To help those displaced by the lava, donate to gofundme.com/puuhonuaopuna.

Kōkua for Puna

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs is committed to supporting our beneficiaries coping with the ongoing eruption at Kīlauea volcano on Hawaiʻi Island.

Native Hawaiians who have been affected by the recent lava flows are encouraged to apply for emergency aid from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, which has set aside financial assistance for individual households in Puna.  OHA is collaborating with the Neighborhood Place of Puna to distribute the funds to qualified Native Hawaiian households in Puna.

Potential applicants are asked to call in advance to schedule a meeting with the staff of Neighborhood Place of Puna, whose contact information is:  

Address:         16-105 Opukahaia Street, Keaʻau Hawaiʻi 96749

Phone:            808-965-5550

E-mail:           billi-jo@neighborhoodplace.org

Or you can call the OHA Hawaiʻi Island offices to arrange an appointment:

OHA East Hawaiʻi (Hilo)  808-933-3106 

OHA West Hawaiʻi (Kona)  808-327-9525


OHA is also offering its Disaster Relief Loan Program to help Native Hawaiian families.


Existing Loan Borrowers

Existing loan borrowers who are affected by a natural disaster are eligible for the following:

• Deferral of current loan payments for at least three months, possibly up to six months

depending upon borrower’s current situation, circumstances and loss

• Fixed interest rate

• Extended maturity date to accommodate the deferral period

To qualify, loss must be verified and directly affect the borrower’s  living environment/situation or job/business.


Disaster Relief Loan:

Native Hawaiians who are affected by a natural disaster are eligible for the Disaster Relief Loan:

• Loan amount of up to $20,000

• Loan rate of four percent

• Loan term of up to seven years

• Borrower still needs to qualify for the loan based on the Operational Guidelines

• We will defer the first three months of payments and possibly up to six months depending upon the situation, circumstances and loss. The loss would have to impact the borrower’s living environment/situation, and/or the disaster must affect the borrower’s job/business.

• Loss must be verified. (Examples of verification would be documentation, pictures, etc.).

For information about these loans, visit www.oha.org/loans or call 594-1888.



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