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At Kulana ʻOiwi in Kalamaʻula on Molokaʻi, Gov. David Ige signed House Bill 451, which reduces the minimum Hawaiian blood quantum limit for successors from one quarter to one thirty-second. Photo: Treena Shapiro

OHA statement on the enactment of House Bill 451, relating to the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act

HONOLULU (July 5, 2017) – The Office of Hawaiian Affairs commends the Governor for signing HB451 today, and applauds the Legislature for its diligence on this bill during the legislative session. In addition, we especially want to recognize the hard work of the community in continuing to push forward on this issue over the years.

This new law will help to ensure that ʻohana are not forced off the homestead lands they have lived on for generations and will better enable homestead families to invest in much-needed improvements to their aging homes.

We acknowledge that the work on this issue is not yet over and look forward to continuing to partner with the community, the state, and the federal government to bring the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act closer to Prince Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole’s initial vision for program.

View the bill on the Hawaiʻi State Capitol website.



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