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The Project Kuleana 2 screening event, held on May 2, 2015, was a celebration of the many people who carry different kuleana in their respective fields. As each one of us fulfills our kuleana to the lāhui we contribute towards empowering Hawaiians and strengthening Hawaiʻi. The event, hosted by ʻŌiwi TV, Makauila and OHA, launched the two new Project Kuleana videos Ka Naʻi Aupuni and Where Are the Brothers?

Project Kuleana 2: Connecting to our cultural kuleana through music

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs is proud to announce the launch of the Project Kuleana 2 music videos, Ka Naʻi Aupuni and Where are the Brothers.

The music videos are the result of a collaboration between Project Kuleana, Makauila and ʻŌiwi TV.

OHA believes that Hawaiian music has the power to connect us to our cultural KULEANA (our roles that grant us rights and responsibilities). It’s KULEANA to ʻāina rooted in our ancestral ties to places of our ʻohana. It’s KULEANA born of our history and heritage that unites us with our kūpuna. It’s KULEANA to create unbreakable bonds joining our keiki and moʻopuna to their cultural inheritance.

Firm in these beliefs, OHA, along with the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority, are proud funders of Project Kuleana 2.

Go to oiwi.tv/projectkuleana to enjoy Project Kuleana’s newest music videos, Ka Naʻi Aupuni and Where are the Brothers.

Listen, watch, sing along and connect to your KULEANA.



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