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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

OHA Board Chair statement on Pentagon intention to close Red Hill Bulk Fuel Facility

We commend Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin’s decision today to direct the Department of Navy to defuel and shut down the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Facility, that is threatening a major water source for Oʻahu.

Being good stewards of Hawai’i’s natural resources is the expectation for all that use Hawaiian lands and water. It is OHA’s goal to continue to maintain and improve upon our kuleana (responsibility) as a leader in protecting Hawaiʻi’s wai (water) resources, redressing ongoing injustices, promoting a living and thriving Native Hawaiian culture and lāhui (nation), and setting an example in pono (just) management practices.

We acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of our elected and government officials, community organizations, and every single individual who stood, fought, and made their voices heard to help protect our most precious water resources.

There is still difficult work ahead as this facility is defueled and shut down and we must all continue to monitor the situation. OHA is dedicated to advocating, promoting, and demonstrating appropriate, responsible, and just wai stewardship practices and values throughout Hawaiʻi, mutually empowering OHA and communities to ʻauamo (carry) the shared responsibility of protecting and ensuring the proper management of our water resources.


MMNHWG Red Dress image

OHA Board Chair Statement on Missing and Murdered Native Hawaiian Women and Girls Day

Scotland Repatriation thumb

Scottish museum returns iwi kupuna to Hawaiʻi


OHA Board Chair statement on Public Land Trust Bill clearing the House and Senate floor votes

Photo: Hawaii Capitol Building

OHA Board Chair statement on Public Land Trust bill approved by state legislature

Photo: Hawaii Capitol Building

Statement from OHA Board Chair on $600 million legislative appropriation to DHHL

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