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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Statement on Kauaʻi Flooding Assistance from OHA Trustees Ahuna, H. Lindsey & OHA CEO

Trustee Dan Ahuna (Kauaʻi and Niʻihau) read statements from various OHA beneficiaries affected by the flooding on Kauaʻi in the Board of Trustees Resource management committee meeting today. The trustees discussed providing immediate assistance to those in dire need of supplies.

“The people in north Kauaʻi need help now, they are in survival mode. They are asking us for fuel at the moment, but we also want to see what type of long-term help they will need.” said Trustee Ahuna.

OHA Trustees discussed this matter and the administration will be releasing funds for the purchase of fuel. OHA will be working with Kauaʻi based non-profit, Nā Pali Coast ʻOhana, to purchase diesel, gasoline and propane to distribute to families in North Kauaʻi. Trustee Dan Ahuna will be traveling to the area to assist with the distribution over the next few days and will also be meeting with various residents to assess the needs to determine how OHA can further assist in the coming weeks and months.

“We understand that Kauaʻi residents have been devastated by the flooding and we want to provide immediate help with fuel. Our board will continue the discussion on the emergency relief efforts at our next committee meeting on April 25th where we anticipate a report from Trustee Ahuna on what is taking place on the ground and how OHA can help.” added Maui Trustee Hulu Lindsey.


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