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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Chair Lindsey statement on Feb. 8 Senate hearing on SB736 relating to Kaka’ako Makai

OHA is grateful that the Hawaiʻi State Senate is giving OHA a fair hearing in its request to lift the prohibition on residential development in Kakaʻako Makai, and we appreciate the extension to an additional Thursday session to allow even more discussion on this important legislation. 

We are troubled by the repeated falsehoods and mischaracterizations that have been levied by opponents, including at yesterday’s hearing. Their closing call to meet and negotiate was especially disingenuous, as we have specifically reached out to the Friends of Kewalos, and presented our plans to them for feedback. Everything they say they envision for Kakaʻako Makai is already included in the Hakuone master plan — including and especially extensive public access to the shoreline.

The nine non-contiguous parcels that make up Hakuone’s 30 acres of land will include 10 acres of parks and open space. And Hakuone represents only 14 percent of all the land in Kakaʻako Makai. This is one of many reasons why no one should doubt OHA’s commitment to ensuring that all of Hawaiʻi benefits from Hakuone, even as it was conveyed specifically to make amends with Native Hawaiians.

For more information on Hakuone, click here.


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