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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Iwi Kupuna Grants FY22

The purpose of OHA’s Iwi Kupuna Repatriation & Reinterment Grants is to support Native Hawaiian iwi kupuna repatriation and reinterment activities.

Grants include programs and activities such as the purchase of ceremonial and reburial materials, (e.g., kapa, unbleached muslin for wrapping iwi, lauhala baskets, paʻakai (salt), ti leaf and torches); temporary storage containers to hold iwi until reburial; transportation costs (i.e., inter-island airfare, ground transportation, accommodations) to facilitate repatriation and reinterment objectives complying with all applicable, federal, state and county COVID-19 related orders; construction costs for burial vault to hold the iwi; repatriation research; or training for community members, lineal and/or cultural descendants and/or other advocates. (Note: Out of state, related repatriation costs (e.g., transportation, equipment) are prohibited under this grant)

Read about a recent iwi kūpuna grant recipient in the December 2021 issue of Ka Wai Ola News: “The Hawaiian Church of Hawaii Nei: Perpetuating and Continuing the Care of Ancestral Remains”

The Iwi Kupuna Repatriation and Reinterment Grant awardees are:  

Organization: The Hawaiian Church of Hawaiʻi Nei
Amount: $50,000
Project: E Hoʻomau O Na Malama I Na Iwi Kūpuna
Islands: Hawai‘i, Maui, Lāna‘i, O‘ahu, Kaua‘i
Purpose: A project designed to address the needs of nā iwi kūpuna by providing the necessary education and knowledge to gather and prepare the materials needed for the care of nā iwi kūpuna.  

Organization: Hawaiian Islands Land Trust
Project: Waiheʻe Iwi Kūpuna Protection
Amount: $50,000
Island: Maui
Purpose: To protect iwi kupuna disinterment, to empower Native Hawaiians to care for iwi, to train our staff in the treatment and re-interment of iwi, and that the temporary holding space for iwi remains secure.  

Organization: Ke Ao Haliʻi
Project: Na Kia’i Iwi Kupuna o Hāna
Island: Maui
Purpose: To provide long-term preservation measures, reinterment and repatriation in the protection of Iwi Kupuna in the Hāna community, Maui County, and to stop future desecration of Iwi Kupuna o Hāna.  

Organization: Hui Hoʻoniho
Amount: $32,998
Project: Iwi Kūpuna Reburial at Kawaiaha‘o
Island: O‘ahu
Purpose: To purchase the items needed to facilitate reburial of 700-900 iwi kūpuna and moepū disturbed at Kawaiaha’o Church grounds.  


OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

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