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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Photo: Volunteers working at an organic farm

Grants Program


The purpose of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Grants Program is to support Hawaiʻi based nonprofit organizations that have projects, programs, and initiatives to serve our Lāhui in alignment with OHA’s Strategic Foundations, Directions & Outcomes.

Reminder, to be eligible for funding consideration, an applicant shall:

  • Be registered to do business in the State of Hawaiʻi
  • Provide services to Native Hawaiians and/or Native Hawaiian community(ies) in the State of Hawaiʻi
  • Have an IRS letter of Determination
  • Compliant with Hawaiʻi Compliance Express

Already an OHA Grantee? Click Here for Grantee Information!


No Solicitations available at this time
If you would like to receive e-mail updates on OHA Grant Solicitations (nonprofit organizations only) please e-mail grantsinfo@oha.org with your organization name and e-mail address.

Grants Portal

The OHA Grants portal is an online application, monitoring, and reporting system for nonprofit organizations who are an applicant or grantee.

To learn how to use the online application system, view:

Each year OHA shares its list of Grantees in its Annual Reports.

Providing Resources

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