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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs
2024 OHA legislative session

OHA’s 2024 Legislative Package

OHA developed four measures for the 2024 Legislative Session on three foundational principles:

  • Stop Native Hawaiian identity erasure,
  • Elevate Native Hawaiian identity as an inseparable facet of the state’s identity,
  • Uplift and empower our most vulnerable communities as a crucial component of Native Hawaiian self-determination.

The four measures in our Legislative Package are:

1. Amend the Board of Agriculture to include OHA

OHA-1:  Includes OHA Board of Trustees Chairperson to the Hawaiʻi Board of Agriculture to address the needs of Native Hawaiians throughout the food system for the overall betterment of conditions of Native Hawaiians.

HB2145 Status Text
1/24/2024 H Referred to AGR, JHA, referral sheet 2
1/22/2024 H Introduced and Pass First Reading.
1/19/2024 H Pending introduction.
SB2447 Status Text
2/9/2024 S Re-Referred to AEN/JDC.
1/22/2024 S Referred to AEN/HWN, JDC.
1/22/2024 S Passed First Reading.
1/19/2024 S Introduced.

2. Request OHA to Identify the Scope of Native Hawaiian Cultural Appropriateness to Address Native Hawaiian Disparities
OHA-2: Awaiting resolution number

The State of Hawaiʻi should have a strong Native Hawaiian identity. Native Hawaiian culture and ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi should be normalized, instead of exploited and commodified. Hawaiʻi should feel like the homeland of Native Hawaiians and be inviting for all Native Hawaiians to return to.

3. Urge the State to Commit to Providing Culturally Appropriate Resources, Services, and Programs for Native Hawaiian Individuals and Families Experiencing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)
OHA-3: Awaiting resolution number

We are asking the Legislature to urge the state government to better address the needs of the I/DD community with a focus on Native Hawaiian cultural pathways for overcoming challenges.

4. For OHA to Report on Strategies for Native Hawaiian Rural Resiliency
OHA-4: Awaiting resolution number

By identifying and addressing the unique needs of each rural community, OHA can assist the state and counties in providing meaningful and effective guidance on this crucial matter of Native Hawaiian self-determination.

As part of its mandate to advocate for Native Hawaiians, each year OHA submits a package of proposed bills to the Hawaii State Legislature, and the agency’s Board of Trustees also votes to take positions on a wide variety of legislation impacting the Hawaiian community.

OHA remains the principal public agency in the state responsible for the performance, development, and coordination of programs and activities relating to Native Hawaiians.

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