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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

OHA’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has transitioned to a new vendor who will process applications for OHA’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program. Mahalo nui to Hawaiʻi Community Lending who concluded their contract on July 31, 2022. We welcome ALU LIKE who is now processing applications for OHA’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program.

Please review the following criteria to see if you qualify for assistance through OHA’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program. 

OHA’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program helps Native Hawaiians, 18 and older living in Hawaiʻi, who are experiencing financial hardship due to loss of income. To qualify you must provide:

  1. Proof of Native Hawaiian verification (one of the following)
    • Copy of Birth Certificate that says “Hawaiian”
    • OHA Hawaiian Registry Card
    • Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Lease
    • Kamehameha Schools Ho’oulu Registry
  1. Proof of Financial Hardship (one of the following)
    • Unemployement or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) approval letter
    • Letter from employer verifying you have been laid off or lost hours at work
    • Pay stubs prior to loss of income and current business bank statement (id self-employed)
    • Business bank statements prior to loss of income and current business bank statements (if self-employed)
  1. OHA’s Emergency Financial Assistance program makes payments directly to vendors, e.g., landlord, HECO, or car repair shop. When you apply you will need to provide (one of the following) documents to show your need for assistance:
    • Past due rent or eviction notice with amount owed
    • Past due utility or disconnection notice with amount owed
    • Bill from utility service (i.e., water delivery)
    • Mortgage statement with past due amount
    • Car repairs estimate(s) within 30 days of application; proof of ownership
    • Funeral estimate(s) from third party vendor(s) within six months of application; death certificate or obituary notice indicating death within six months of application; proof of relationship to deceased
    • Medical bill within three months of application that indicates out-of-pocket expense OR estimate for procedure/treatment scheduled to occur within one month of application or reasonable timeframe
  1. The vendor must also complete a W9 Form to receive payment. If you would like to request the vendor complete the W9 in advance you may download a copy of the W9 form here.

After you review the program requirements listed above and you believe you may qualify for assistance please contact Alu Like.

To request a paper application please call Alu Like at (808) 535-6700 (press option 1). In-person assistance will also be available at nine Alu Like offices statewide. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, an appointment is required.

Please review the program requirements carefully. Incomplete applications slow down processing times for everyone. 


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