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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Photo: Keiki navigating a canoe

Educational Pathways

Supporting initiatives, leveraging partnerships, engaging in strategies to develop educational pathways that strengthen culture-based education, early education, K-12 and post-secondary education will ensure that Native Hawaiians are grounded in their past while participating in a technologically oriented future.

What is our goal?

Strategic Outcome: Strengthened and Integrated Community, Culture based Learning Systems

What does that look like for the lahui?

Strategy 1: Support development and use of educational resources for all Hawaiian life-long learners in schools, communities and ʻohana.

  • 1.1. Increased number or percent of Native Hawaiian students who enter educational systems ready to learn;
  • 1.2. Increased number or percent of Native Hawaiian students graduating high school who are college, career, and community ready; and
  • 1.3. Increased number of Native Hawaiians engaged in traditional learning systems (ie. hale, halau, mua, hale peʻa) that reestablish/maintain strong cultural foundations/ identity.

Strategy 2: Support education through Hawaiian language medium and focused Charter Schools.

  • 2.1. Adequately resourced Hawaiian Focused Charter Schools and Hawaiian-medium schools, including funding of transportation, special education, facilities, and meals, and availablity of qualified teachers;
  • 2.2. Increased availability of Hawaiian Focused Charter Schools and Hawaiian-medium schools; and
  • 2.3. Establishment of a Native Hawaiian Charter School and Hawaiian-medium system.

Providing Resources

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