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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

OHA works with grantees to provide housing and educational opportunities, develop economic stability, improve health and well-being, and more. OHA Grantees help serve our beneficiaries and benefits the community as a whole.

OHA Grantees


OHA grants and sponsorships help advance OHA’s strategic directions in education, economic stability, housing, and health. Interested in seeing a list of nonprofits, community programs and events funded through OHA’s grants and sponsorships that promote the well-being of our community? Click here for a searchable spreadsheet of OHA Grantee and Sponsorships from 2013 to 2016.  Additionally, each year OHA shares its list of grantees and sponsorships in its Annual Reports

On April 30,  2021, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs announced the release of $594,079 through three grant programs that will support Native Hawaiian communities. 


OHA’s newly created Homestead Community Grant awards $278,095 to address community needs and improve the quality of life of homesteaders. 

Organization: Papakōlea Community Development Corporation
Project: Papakōlea Community Playground Project
Amount: $75,000
Island: O‘ahu
Purpose: To provide the keiki of the Papakōlea, Kalāwahine and Kewalo Hawaiian homestead communities a safe place to play within their close-knit family homestead community. 

Organization: Kukulu Kumuhana O Anahola
Project: Ulupono Anahola
Amount: $75,000
Island: Kaua‘i / Hawaiian Homestead Community of Anahola
Purpose: To provide water systems on 7 acres of land to the Native Hawaiian beneficiaries in Anahola so they can participate in an ʻāina-based curriculum that will restore health, culture, and food systems. 

Organization: ʻO Makuʻu ke Kahua Community Center
Project: Kūkulu Pono Hale Waʻa
Amount: $75,000
Island: Hawai‘i
Purpose: The project will focus primarily on the development of a community-serving structure that will build collective resilience and provide traditional educational opportunities to participants via the construction process of a hale waʻa, fulfilling a critical need within Makuʻu Homesteads as well as in Puna. 

Organization: Homestead Community Development Corporation
Project: Homestead Advocacy Education Project
Amount: $53,095
Island: O‘ahu / Homestead communities of Kaupea, Kanehili, Kauluokahai, Nānākuli, Waiʻanae, Waiʻanae Valley, Papakolea, Kalawahine Streamside, Waimānalo, and Waiʻahole
PurposeTo provide training that empowers homestead associations and homestead residents/waitlist to effectively advocate and produce a priority list impacting the wellbeing of families and business on homesteads. 


OHA’s new Iwi Kupuna Repatriation and Reinterment Grant is providing $167,298 to four community organizations.

Organization: The Hawaiian Church of Hawaiʻi Nei
Amount: $50,000
Project: E Hoʻomau O Na Malama I Na Iwi Kūpuna
Islands: Hawai‘i, Maui, Lāna‘i, O‘ahu, Kaua‘i
Purpose: A project designed to address the needs of nā iwi kūpuna by providing the necessary education and knowledge to gather and prepare the materials needed for the care of nā iwi kūpuna.  

Organization: Hawaiian Islands Land Trust
Project: Waiheʻe Iwi Kūpuna Protection
Amount: $50,000
Island: Maui
Purpose: To protect iwi kupuna disinterment, to empower Native Hawaiians to care for iwi, to train our staff in the treatment and re-interment of iwi, and that the temporary holding space for iwi remains secure.  

Organization: Ke Ao Haliʻi
Project: Na Kia’i Iwi Kupuna o Hāna
Island: Maui
Purpose: To provide long-term preservation measures, reinterment and repatriation in the protection of Iwi Kupuna in the Hāna community, Maui County, and to stop future desecration of Iwi Kupuna o Hāna.  

Organization: Hui Hoʻoniho
Amount: $32,998
Project: Iwi Kūpuna Reburial at Kawaiaha‘o
Island: O‘ahu
Purpose: To purchase the items needed to facilitate reburial of 700-900 iwi kūpuna and moepū disturbed at Kawaiaha’o Church grounds.  


OHA will also sponsor 20 community events statewide that will receive a total of $148,686 from OHA’s ‘Ahahui Grants program. In its 10th year, the ʻAhahui Grants program supports community events that serve as enrichment opportunities on Hawaiian culture, ‘āina stewardship, economic opportunity, food sustainability and strengthening ʻohana. 


Organization: Laiopua 2020
Amount $9,733
ProjectHoʻokahua – Under The Kona Moon
PurposeTo educate and connect Native Hawaiians to their culture through the sharing of stories, mele and memories by Hawai`i Island kupuna, artisans and experts. Sharing will be videotaped, televised and shared on social media. 

Organization: Pōhāhā I Ka Lani
Amount: $7,700
Project: Kaʻelehua
PurposeTo connect 150 community members (min. 100 Native Hawaiians) with ʻāina stewardship and cultural education by hosting a multi-day public event at Lalakea, Mahiki and Waipi‘o Valley. 

OrganizationNa Maka Onaona (Fiscal Sponsor for Na Waʻa Mauo)
Amount: $7,250
ProjectKa Moʻolelo Honuaiākea
PurposeTo provide the Honuaiākea Voyaging program students the opportunity to share their journey with their community and a global audience.  


Organization: Maui Nui Botanical Gardens
Amount: $10,000
ProjectLā ‘ulu – Breadfruit Day
PurposeTo provide outreach about the use of ‘ulu to Maui residents and the Native Hawaiian community

Organization: Ke Ao Hali‘i
Amount: $10,000
Project: Pule ‘Āina o Maka‘alae me Mokaenui
PurposeTo bless and celebrate the return of this newly protected land to the community

Organization: Hāna Arts
Amount: $8,500
Project: Uniting East Maui ‘Ohana
PurposeBringing together ‘ohana of East Maui through the holiday season, these events bring together families, engage creativity, and stimulate economic activity in East Maui, especially youth, through arts and culture. 


Organization: Bishop Museum
Project: POW! WOW!: Arts Night at Bishop Museum
PurposeTo provide an evening of engaging art experiences and free access to Bishop Museum exhibits in conjunction with the POW! WOW!: From Hawaiʻi to the World exhibition to the Native Hawaiian ʻohana and the larger museum community.  

OrganizationAloha Week Hawaiʻi
Amount: $10,000
ProjectAloha Festivals
PurposeTo provide an ongoing opportunity for Native Hawaiians to share their history and culture and to participate in activities that honor, preserve and maintain the knowledge and traditions of our physical and spiritual domain.  

OrganizationWai‘anae Economic Development Council
ProjectBest of the Westside – New Products Show
Purpose: To identify and develop businesses on the Wai‘anae Coast by providing an event for entrepreneurs to exhibit their products and services to the community.  

Organization: Protect & Preserve Hawai‘i
ProjectMālama Niu Valley
Purpose: To host 12 weekend volunteer workdays in the community of Niu Valley in order to restore native Hawaiian forest on 330 acres of Protect & Preserve Hawaiʻi’s land.  

Organization: Kaikeha, INC.
Project13th Annual Hubb Keiki Fest on Oʻahu
Amount: $2,024
PurposeEvent will provide an Amateur Boogie Board Contest for Hawaiʻi’s keiki as an outlet generating ocean awareness along with a beach cleanup. 

Organization: Huliauapaa
Amount $1,655
ProjectKaliuokapaakai Building Capacity in Stewarding Wahi Kupuna Speaker Series 
Purpose: To provide subject-area expertise to the Native Hawaiian community to build community capacity to steward wahi kupuna (ancestral places). 


OrganizationNa Maka Onaona (Fiscal Sponsor for Kanuikapono Public Charter School)

ProjectFood Security through Aquaponics
PurposeTo introduce an aquaponic food growing option to the Native Hawaiian community of Anahola, Kauaʻi

OrganizationKukulu Kumuhana O Anahola
Project ʻĀina to ʻŌpū
For cultural practitioners to provide education demonstrations to restore proficiency of kalo, as a heritage plant and homestead food resource. 

Organization: Na Maka Onaona (Fiscal Sponsor for Waimea High School Teacher Cohort) 

Amount: $9,000
Project: Project Kuleana Partnership
PurposeTo provide Waimea High School and the larger Waimea community a contemporary digital archive platform grounded in Hawaiʻi. 

Organization: Homestead Community Development Corporation (Fiscal Sponsor for Anahola Hawaiian Homestead Association)
ProjectAnahola Stables Community Visioning Session
PurposeOneday event to provide the community of Anahola and the larger Kauai community of Native Hawaiians a dedicated event to produce a strategic plan to open and operate an Anahola Stables to create jobs in the field of equestrian practices. 

Organization: Kaikeha, INC.
Project: Third Annual Garden Island Boogie Board Classic on Kaua‘i,  
Amount: $2,024
Purpose: Event will provide a community-based Pro-Am Boogie Board Contest to teach competitors of the Native Hawaiian community the longterm value that water sports can bring to their lives.  

Organization: Homestead Community Development Corporation
Amount: $1,450
ProjectKumu Camp Mauka Community Visioning
PurposeTo bring the west Kauaʻi community together to complete a visioning process to finalize a strategic plan for a low footprint campground on Hawaiian Home Lands for youth and family campers.  


OrganizationPapahana Aloha ʻĀina Hawaiʻi
Amount $8,745
Project: Ola i ka ʻĀina – Kī
PurposeTo provide education, information, materials, and Hawaiian cultural practices to the Native Hawaiian community and the broader community at large, on aloha ʻāina and how to Ola i ka ʻĀina, find Life in our Land, particularly around the topic of the kī or the tī plant. 

Organization: Ho‘oulu Lāhui
Amount: $3,655
PurposeTo enhance Native Hawaiian wellbeing by providing Native Hawaiian individuals and ʻohana with basic foundations in Hawaiian ʻohana education, family values, ʻohana health and food sustainability, Hawaiian language, moʻolelo and protocol

OrganizationMoanalua Gardens Foundation
Amount: $10,000
Project: Virtual 44th Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival
Purpose: A two-hour celebration of non-competitive hula and Hawaiian culture to be broadcast in the fall on KHON2. 

Learn more about the work being accomplished through OHA Grants that helps to improve the lives of Native Hawaiians in the video story below.



Hawaiian Community Assets is an award-winning housing program that helps Hawaiians with financial literacy counseling with the end goal of securing stable housing. This OHA Grantee has helped more than 770 ʻohana statewide. Studies have found that stable housing is one of the key factors for building economic stability and self-sufficiency.

In addition to grant funding housing programs, in 2008 OHA began a 30 year commitment to provide $3 million annually to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to help build affordable housing for Hawaiians.


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New census data confirms more Native Hawaiians reside on the continent than in Hawaiʻi

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OHA Trustees commit $5 million in disaster relief funds to aid beneficiaries affected by Maui wildfires

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Coordinated Donation Management Center for Maui fire victims opens in Hakuone

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