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Hawaiian Community Assets is an award-winning housing program that helps Hawaiians with financial literacy counseling with the end goal of securing stable housing. This OHA Grantee has helped 770 ʻohana statewide.

Economic Self-Sufficiency Grantees

We offer community grants on a two-year cycle. We also offer grants for community events twice a year. For more information about current grant opportunities, visit the Community Grants Page.

OHA’s Fiscal Biennium 2016-2017 grants program focused, in the area of economic self-sufficiency, on raising Native Hawaiian family income and providing stability in housing. The programs we awarded grants in the area of income were designed to assist under-employed or displaced Native Hawaiian workers and at-risk, academically under-prepared high school students go to college so they can achieve economic self-sufficiency. Programs awarded grants in the area of housing were designed to increase the capacity of Native Hawaiian families to rent or own their own home.

The following organizations are currently providing services through a fiscal biennium 2016-2017 OHA income or housing grant:


  • Parents and Children Together – $523,000
    To support the Ready to Work and Career Support Services project to increase the incomes of Native Hawaiians by delivering an array of services that promote employability and job retention including job preparation training, vocational and 2-year degree scholarships, and high school equivalency preparation.


  • Goodwill Industries of Hawaiʻi – $443,100
    To support the Employment Core and Career Support Services project that will provide employment core and career support services for Native Hawaiians to improve their ability to obtain higher-wage employment, thereby increasing their economic self-sufficiency.


  • University of Hawaii on behalf of its Maui College – $350,000
    To support the CareerLink program that will provide support services, financial literacy and employment readiness workshops, GED preparation, scholarships, and employment opportunities to Native Hawaiians in Maui County.


  • Hawaiian Community Assets – $530,118
    To provide financial literacy education, housing counseling, and asset building products to increase the capacity of low-income Native Hawaiians to rent or own homes.
  • Effective Planning Innovative Communication, Inc. (DBA EPIC ʻOhana) – $33,350
    To provide financial literacy training and matching funds for security deposit/first month’s rent for young people through age 25 who were in foster care.
  • Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement – $348,780
    To provide financial education, counseling, and match savings grants up to $5,000 to eligible Native Hawaiians who are first-time home buyers in Hawaiʻi.

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