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Land and Water Grantees

We offer community grants on a two-year cycle. We also offer grants for community events twice a year. For more information about current grant opportunities, visit the Community Grants Page.

OHA’s Fiscal Biennium 2016-2017 land grants were awarded to achieve Pae ‘Āina sustainability by supporting sustainable resource management and responsible stewardship practices. More specifically, programs were sought to increase the sustainability of existing kīpuka, or parcels of land within an ahupua’a. The three components of sustainable resource management are:

  • Management of economic resources
  • Cultural/historical resources
  • Environmental resources.

The following organizations are currently operating programs through a fiscal biennium 2016-2017 OHA land grant:


  • Kāko‘o ‘Ōiwi – $224,718
    To restore and effectively manage ecologically and geographically linked kīpuka within Heʻeia, increasing the capacity and resilience of ecological and food-producing systems in the ahupuaʻa for the benefit of Hawaiians and other community members.
  • Kōkua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services – $201,074
    To restore the health of the Kalihi ahupuaʻa by promoting cultural practices for kamaʻāina and malihini to ultimately improve the health of the Māluawai watershed thereby ensuring its long-term sustainability.


  • Ka Honua Momona International – $200,000
    To return momona to the land and people of Molokaʻi through the community-based restoration of two ancient Hawaiian fishponds.


  • Ma Ka Hana Ka ʻIke – $156,600
    To provide agricultural skills training to Hana keiki, ʻohana, and kūpuna to promote sustainable food crop management, strengthen relationships between our ʻāina and community, increase the health of this kīpuka, and enhance local stewardship of land-based cultural resources.


  • Kua‘āina Ulu ‘Auamo – $217,608
    To build and strengthen at least 3 “communities of practice” for ʻāina-based food production, providing targeted, coordinated facilitation, technical assistance/training, and communications that will join together the efforts of rural Hawaiian communities to increase community-based, Hawaiian-centered food production.

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