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OHA: Office of Hawaiian Affairs
H-3 photo

Hālawa-Luluku Interpretive Development (HLID)

Hālawa-Luluku Interpretive Development Project (HLID) was created to help mitigate some of the adverse impacts resulting from the construction of the Interstate H-3 Highway. The HLID program was created within OHA to help facilitate community collaboration on an Interpretive Development Plan (IDP) and continues with the development of Stewardship Management Plans and implementation of select mitigation actions determined in consultation with the selected Stewards of each project area.

The Stewardship Management Plans help meet mitigation objectives identified in the IDP and guides the development of programs and activities that the Stewards will share with the community. The purpose of these plans is to create an understanding of the relationships, responsibilities, limitations, and processes to follow during implementation of proposed mitigation actions related to the project areas.

OHA is a recognized consulting agency for the overall H-3 mitigation project and acts as the project manager for HLID. Consultation includes ongoing advocacy work to ensure resources are made available to fulfill federal historic preservation mitigation requirements, state level conservation district commitments, and subsequent mitigation plans created in collaboration with impacted communities over the last two decades since HLID was created.

The recognized stewards of the Luluku project area recently achieved a major milestone in the decades-long H-3 mitigation process with the completion of their Stewardship Management Plan. Watch the video above or read the Ka Wai Ola News story. For information on how you can kōkua & help mālama the lands in Luluku, email the stewards.

HLID recently completed the North Hālawa Valley: Stewardship Management Plan, finalized in March 2022. This plan was adapted from Nā Wai o Luluku: Stewardship Management Plan and Strategic Action Plan for the Luluku Cultural Landscape co-written by ʻĀina Momona and finalized in May 2021. The full Stewardship Management Plans and Appendices for each project area can be found below. Stay tuned as the mo’olelo of these sacred places continue to unfold.

Read the finalized North Hālawa Valley Stewardship Management Plan

North Hālawa Valley Stewardship Management Plan - FinalSigned

Read the finalized Hālawa SMP Appendices A-G

Hālawa SMP Appendices A-G

Read the finalized Luluku Stewardship Management Plan

Nā Wai O Luluku - FinalSigned

Read the Appendices to the Luluku Stewardship Management Plan

Nā Wai O Luluku Appendices A-F


MMNHWG Red Dress image

OHA Board Chair Statement on Missing and Murdered Native Hawaiian Women and Girls Day

Scotland Repatriation thumb

Scottish museum returns iwi kupuna to Hawaiʻi


OHA Board Chair statement on Public Land Trust Bill clearing the House and Senate floor votes

Photo: Hawaii Capitol Building

OHA Board Chair statement on Public Land Trust bill approved by state legislature

Photo: Hawaii Capitol Building

Statement from OHA Board Chair on $600 million legislative appropriation to DHHL

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