Wahiawā Lands Map

CULTURAL NODES - Along the walking and vehicle pathways one can connect further to Hawaiian culture, knowledge and practices. These cultural nodes will serve multiple functions for educational purposes to enlighten future generations of leaders.

Wahiawā Lands Map
Welina Zone Piko Zone Kupu Zone Vegitation Continuum

Welina Zone

WELCOME PAVILION - The welcome pavilion aligns with the values hoʻomana and hoʻonaʻauao and is part of the access management strategies to protect the birthing stones. As recommended by the Working Group, the welcome pavillion would be the home base from which community stewards and security operate. At the welcome pavilion, visitors can be educated about the place and how to behave while visiting.

Piko Zone

INTERPRETIVE CENTER & AMPHITHEATER - The interpretive center aligns with the values hoʻomana and hoʻonaʻauao and will be the gathering place for education, training and launa (socializing). It will also provide alternative experiences of the birthing stones, which will enable continued and accurate interpretation of the site without visiting the stones.

Kupu Zone

GREENHOUSE & NURSERY - The greenhouse aligns with the value, hoʻoulu ʻāina and will produce plants for the reforestation efforts that will take place on the property as part of the vegetation continuum. It will also serve as the “high-tech” agriculture component of the continuum, which is the use of best-science agricultural methodologies available to date.

Vegitation Continuum

The vegetation continuum is a spectrum of vegetation ranging from native flora, resource crops, food crops and highly modified, technological agricultural systems that will be established throughout the property.