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HONOLULU (July 24, 2014) – Trustees for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs announced today that they have extended the timetable for the nation-building process they previously committed to facilitate.

The six-month extension is expected to allow OHA more time to educate the public about a process meant to empower Native Hawaiians to participate in building a governing entity.


Community Events

Aug. 2: 2014 HCRA State Championship Canoe Regatta

Saturday, August 2, 2014
Keʻehi Lagoon, Oʻahu
Annual State Championship Canoe Regatta bringing together all of the island canoe paddling associations to participate and to determine the overall state champions for the individual racing events as well as overall club winners in four racing divisions for our state team sport of canoe paddling. Read more about Aug. 2: 2014 HCRA State Championship Canoe Regatta

An unsung hero in water rights

Makaʻala Kaʻaumoana talks about turning to OHA for help with getting the Hawaiʻi Supreme Court earlier this year to force Kauaʻi Springs, a bottle-water company in Kōlea, to shut down its pumps.

For more information on Ola I Ka Wai, Water is Life visit

Produced by OHA Digital Media Read more about An unsung hero in water rights

OHA loan keeps ʻohana together


Yama Kaholoʻaʻa, a longtime resident of the Hoʻolehua Homestead on Molokaʻi, took out an emergency $7,500 loan from a consumer program at OHA to repair the roof, windows and walls of his four-bedroom house, where he and wife, Caroline, are raising three granddaughters.

In a sit-down conversation in his garage, Yama and his 15-year old granddaughter, Makaila, talk about how the loan has helped improve stability for his ʻohana. Read more about OHA loan keeps ʻohana together

OHA Hawaiian Registry Program - Nā Mamo 'Ōiwi Hawai'i

The OHA Hawaiian Registry Program (HRP) provides Hawaiians, worldwide, with a card that verifies their Hawaiian ancestry. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs issues the card after verifying indigenous Hawaiian ancestry through biological parentage. No blood quantum is required. Read more about OHA Hawaiian Registry Program - Nā Mamo 'Ōiwi Hawai'i

OHA at the Legislature

As part of its mandate to advocate for Native Hawaiians, each year OHA submits a package of proposed bills to the Hawaiians StateLegislature, and the agency’s Board of Trustees also votes to take positions on a wide variety of legislation impacting the Hawaiian community. Click here to learn more about the package.