Employment Opportunities

Employment Benefits

In addition to the opportunity to work toward the betterment of the Native Hawaiian community, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs offers competitive compensation and excellent state employee benefits.

OHA provides the following State benefits:

  • Holidays: OHA observes 13 paid holidays per year and 14 during an election year
  • Vacation: You may earn 14 hours/month for a total of 21 days/year and may accumulate up to a maximum of 90 days. 
  • Sick Leave: You may earn 14 hours/month for a total of 21 days/year with unlimited accumulation. Unused sick leave may increase your retirement benefits.
  • Other Leaves:  Time off with pay may be provided for jury or witness duty, death in the family, military duty, and Blood Bank donation.
  • Health Care Insurance: A wide range of health care plans is offered to eligible employees and their families. The State pays for part of the premiums for these plans, which include Medical, Prescription Drug, Vision, and Dental. There is no waiting period for your initial enrollment which means immediate coverage.
  • Premium Conversion Plan: Participating employees can increase their take-home pay by having the State deduct the cost of health care premiums before payroll taxes are withheld.
  • Deferred Compensation Plan: Participating employees may decrease their taxable income by deferring an amount from their gross salary into this plan before payroll taxes are withheld.
  • Retirement Plan: Generally, all employees hired after June 30, 2012 are required to enroll in the Hybrid Plan. Employees with at least 10 years of service and who have reached 65 years of age, or have 30 years of service and are 60 years old, may retire and receive benefits.
  • Life Insurance:  Term life insurance coverage is available to eligible employees at no cost. The State pays the full monthly premium for this benefit.